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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 18, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EDT

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>> told you, this market just wants to go up. and today it gets an assist, a big one. google, to the moon. good morning, everyone. just look at this thing go today. wall street loved its financial report and the stock is taking off. so are the other big name technology companies and that's helping the whole market. check your 401(k) and smile. here is another assist. opinion from justin about all sides that ben and then janet will keep printing a ton of money. spend it, borrow it, print it, stocks going up again. all right.
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>> you don't often see a big-name company stock take off, but we're seeing that right now. profits up by one third at google. it will open at a record high. that means a very big pay day for its biggest shareholders and if the stock pops to say 85 bucks and it probably will. here is what they stand to make. google board member almost $27 million. another board member, paul otellini, former intel chief by the way, up 34 million. google's executive chairman eric schmidt 135 million and wait for it chief business officer aurora, $899 million. the big one, co-founder larry page $7 billion.
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of course, more on google throughout the show. the stock of the day the week the month and we often say tech is where the money is and watch facebook, amazon, apple today, they're all moving up as wellment. and now i've got three big headlines for you on obamacare, first up, major design flaws on the website, dozens of insurers say the process is a mess. double enrollment, missing data fields, spouses reported as children. here is a new number, hhs spent $56 million on 135 conferences in one year to help set up obamacare. one of them, a three-day event at the d.c. hilton that cost almost a million dollars. and then there's senator max baucus, first calling it a train wreck and backtracked on the program this month. what does he think about it now? >> i call it a train wreck only if they don't implement it well. if the exchanges are up and running, they say that the
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administration publicly, if you don't get it worked out it's going to be a train wreck and i think frankly they're doing a pretty good job. we'll see october 1, but i think they're going to do a pretty good job. i think the train's going to keep running. and not maybe on time, but it's going to be pretty efficient. stuart: i would love to see what he thinks now, that's from september 16th. my, how times change. remember though we're here to make you money, watch it grow as the opening bell rings. that's just moments from now. it's going to be a big day. first this, the boston red sox, one win away from the world series after a win over detroit. the seattle seahawks beat the cardinals. here is the financial question, who won in the tv ratings, football or baseball? it wasn't a very good game. i'm betting that football won. we'll be back. [ indistinct shouting ]
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>> more you know, the more you work ♪ that's a light in my eye >> you may not get the significance of the song here, but let me tell you, we are on satellite radio once again, sirius xm to be precise. now you can listen to "varney & company" and the rest of fox business every day, it's channel 113. if you can't watch, you can listen and we invite you to join us. here comes the opening bell and
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here comes scott shellady. scott, question of the day, do you think that janet yellen, when she chairs her first fed meeting next year is going to reverse ben's printing, no, i can't print anymore, do you think that? >> how about this, stuart, there may be a possibility that she may print more than he's printing. there's no way that she's going to reverse course. the shutdown is going to hurt our gdp, there's anemic growth and trying to borrow growth from five years ahead. can't find it. they're going to have to continue to print. no tapering until march or the second quarter of next year, same old same old, away we go. stuart: investors just love it. all right, scott, thank you very much indeed. the opening bell is ringing and by the way, we've got a very slight down side move this morning, i wasn't expecting that. but, yet we're down 5 in the very, very early going. now, let's get to the stock of the day, shall we? or the stock of the week or the month. google. record high, let's see where it
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is, by the way, profits are up by 1/3 and that stock opened with a gain of $90 per share. how about that? $91 per share. and i mean, that's really extraordinary. it's on its way to, i don't know whether it's on the way to a thousand, but it's up at 979. you don't see that thing kind of often for a big name, high capitalized company. just don't see it. you're seeing it now. by the way, what was that? okay. just touched the record high on google. look at facebook, talking of record highs, now it's at $54 per share, $2 higher, 4% up this morning. let's have a look at chipotle, shall we? move away from the techs for a second. clearly you, the techies with their new found wealth, they're probably eating at chipotle because they have strong numbers and nicole, i think that got straight up as well. >> it's doing so well, it's hitting a new high today and i
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know you were mentioning a new high and chipotle an all-time high. 480.69. a gain, and earnings have been on the rise and they're seeing more customers and the sales continued to improve. they said they're going to raise their prices for the first time in three years by next year because they face additional costs including food inflation, but doing so well. in this article i'm reading it talks about david einhorn, the hedge manager, and talking taco bell is stealing chipotle's customers. if he was shorting this one, he's not too happy today. >> you know, nicole, somebody was joking in our studio about the techies, they started out with no money in san francisco and used to be a doggy diner and then they made a couple of bucks and moved up to taco bell and raking it in and chipotle. maybe that's a joke. the stock is up there, isn't it. thanks very much, nicole. three more names you know. really strong profits at las
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vegas sands, held by operations in macao. it's swept past las vegas as the world's gambling mecca. wealth management helping morgan stanley's bottom line. the rich need help. up goes the stock. general electric, it's a door stopper, isn't it? the profit was down, but not as much as the all-knowing analysts thought it would be. the stocks actually up 2%, at $25 per share. come on in, sandra smith, at the cme. i'll repeat the expression, this market just wants to go up. stocks, don't they? go. >> yes, we've been saying hog heaven for investors. when you get the extension of the debt ceiling, you get the indication that we're going to spend more, we're going to borrow more and the federal reserve is going to print more and that's arguably why the stock market continued to make new highs. stuart, while you might be looking at a dow jones industrial average.
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the it hit an inner day high yesterday. all-time record closing high and it's up again this morning and we're building on the record gains right now. stuart: you're right, sandra, it's a dow jones industrials average. >> right. >> so, really, the action today is in technology and i want to break away for a second to go back to nicole because amazon is joining this parade of tech stocks that's going straight up. give me the amazon quote, please. >> we're watching amazon to the upside. yesterday, amazon came under pressure because of ebay, the they do the same selling on-line and such. yesterday managed to squeeze out a gain, but today, look at it. up about 2, 2 1/2%. so, that's an indication of one of the tech stocks that's doing well. we saw some much the names getting hit hard earlier in the week, ibm did not do well. ebay did not do well as we noted, so, it's great for the folks who are loving tech and watching the nasdaq up 3/4 of 1% right now. sandra made a good point.
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if you look at the much broader market where far more technology companies are included and the s&p 500 index. that made a record high, well, it hit a record high and that includes a broader cross-section of stocks, especially technology companies, and look at that, s&p now at 1738. sandra, it really is tech that's driving america's economy, driving the stock market, but it's not driving employment, is it? >> not exactly. you know, when we talk about twitter, we're still talking about a company that's never been profitable. it wasn't profitable last year and it isn't now. arguably, this is the investors who are looking at technology to lead the way and this is forward looking thinking when we see investors betting on technology companies, but, stuart, also one of the bigger gainers is oil prices are up right now. oil is about 40 cents at 101 a barrel and energy stocks within the s&p 500, i can see it doing
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well in addition to technology. >> now we hear that twitter has hired a google advertising executives. sandra, it seems like twitter, in the buildup to their ipo is doing the exact opposite of what facebook did and i think, i have to believe that this enormous rally in technology toed sets the scene for a big ipo for twitter, which we hear is november the 15th, right? >> right. >> you've got to love this. this is capitalism at work, this is a fight for human capital. they saw that success over at google and twitter said we want them. this is the fight amongst technology companies to attract and retain top talent. it's a great sign for the united states to see that happening. one thought, i was chatting with jason weiss burg and our viewers may enjoy this, and you see the s&p 500 at a high and take the money off the table and say i've made whatever its 17, 22% on my money this year.
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jason weisberg seaport security says no, he continues to be a bull and thinks into the end of the year the market will run up. with the fed doing what they're doing and the interest rates nowhere else for people to put their money and they're going to sock it into equities and see if it holds true. stuart: we've got on the screen, the s&p 500 index which touched a new high and you can see the chart is going straight up. this is a broader market indicator, which includes a lot of the big name technology companies. and let me recap for a second. we've got a little bug on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, google up $90 per share as we speak, that's an enormous rally. i've got amazon doigoing straig up. a high for facebook, priceline sharply higher, yahoo! is up what, a percentage and a half, 1 1/2. nearly 2% up there. look at them go. that's google, facebook, priceline, amazon, yahoo! the cream of the technology crop in the united states of america, all of them going straight up
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and i have to say again, that sets the stage for twitter. november 15th, we hear we can buy a piece oftwitter, that's the start date for trading, i have to believe that with tech going up like this, it's really a very big deal. this could be the biggest ipo in many years. am i going overboard, nicole? >> well, let's take it one step at a time. there may be a lot of demand for twitter despite the fact the numbers don't necessarily meet the demand that we may see, however, with just, you know, we saw the tech boom of 2000. this may be the type of thing that builds a lot of excitement and anticipation, much like facebook, people just want to have a piece of it. stuart: okay. nicole, before we go, i want to show everybody the dow jones industrial average. it's down 45 points and we're saying that some stocks are going to the moon. can you give me a -- yeah, i've just heard, it's home depot is
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a dow stock, obviously, not a technology stock, and it's acting as a drag on the dow. and when you get a chance-- >> when i think of home depot when we heard from stanley, black & decker, they said the government shutdown is going to affect their numbers. they make tools, right, so what we saw was that home depot was also down, along with this story, because they obviously distribute those tools, home depot and lowe's. but the number one loser is actually your good old microsoft. stuart: yeah, thanks very much. >> i'm sorry. stuart: i'm glad you draw that. why didn't i, when i was putting money into microsoft, why didn't i put it into google? do you think i'd be sitting here today if i had done that? the answer is yes, i would. i happen to like what i do. ladies, thanks, we appreciate a great opening to the show because we've got a great open to the stock market the technology stocks. it's our theme on "varney & company," tech is the big winner.
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>> let's start by dealing with the price of gold. not much movement. down 6 bucks, 1316 is your price. here is the big market theme of the day. technology driving this market. there are some huge winners. look at this, please. google, facebook, amazon, priceline, yahoo!. all of them way up, especially google. 10% for a company of that size? can you believe that? and what, 15 minutes' worth of business? what is google, what are technology companies doing that's so good that others are not doing that is producing this kind of stock price gains? we are he going to bring in someone who knows. and the ceo of and the former president of asia pacific and latin american operations for google.
9:45 am
ideally situated is our guest this morning. welcome. >> who knew? well, we didn't know. we did know the know. tell me, what is google doing so right? is it the shift to mobile advertising? >> and clearly they're betting big on noble. if you looked at larry's comments yesterday. if you might say in the short-term, mobile advertising does not optimize the bet on mobile is exactly right. we see it across every sector of the industry from hardware to software towareables to e-commerce. mobile is affecting everything and it's a big bed bet for larry and his team. stuart: and the pay to click, that's an advertiser pays google a small amount of money every time somebody clicks on their ad. >> that's right, the advertising is the core kind of business of google and obviously one of the things you saw in google's report yesterday, the international markets like brazil i used to manage, you know, japan, you've
9:46 am
got international growth still and cpc revenue, you've got mobile and obviously a well saturated, but profitable u.s. business. stuart: it can grow, i take it? >> of course, if you step back and look at the mega trends and this is what i would observe. if you look at still the amount of on-line dollars are spent in advertising compared to overall advertising spent, one of the reasons people are so bold on tech, there's a shift in advertising spending happening. stuart: because you've got a marketplace. >> a global marketplace for ads and a big proportion is off line despite they're spending time on line. and now smart tv's are coming, and net sources of data consumption. stuart: i have to ask a question. as the former president of google you've got some shares still? >> i do. i do. stuart: are you a billionairess? >> i'm not and certainly my
9:47 am
aspirations are nothing, but the best. stuart: twitter, you acted an as a consultant in the early days for twitter? >> i was a advisor for twitter a year, two years back. stuart: this explosion gives twitter a problem, doesn't it? they go public they're going to sell shares we hear november the 15th. how the devil are they going to price it? >> i don't know how it's going to price. my perspective on all of these things, as it was when i was at google for six years and continued to be a shareholder, at the end. day the market will hype or not hype. twitter's financials and opportunity is to stay focused on the the long-term. over the short-term there may be an overprice or hype, but what you do if you're in a tech business that suffers from this kind of hype you've got to keep yourself focused on long-term. really, that's where the market will settle out. if i'm dick, i'm thinking about the long-term, not what happens on november 15th. stuart: you've got some twitter shares, haven't you? >> i do, yes. stuart: will you ever come back and slum it with us again? >> i'm slumming it, i'm running
9:48 am
a start-up every day, and grinding it out in the e-commerce space building something of our own. stuart: >> right. >> define it. >> the video shopping, the idea that women can entertain themselves by on-line video, it's content meets commerce on-line. stuart: almost entertainment. so people are entertained at the same time. >> it's shopping entertainment and education. the best way to think about it, the internet, we believe is going to be the next generation tv. if you believe that, women we've seen from models on television, are happy to watch content about commerce and to buy and we believe the same thing will happen on-line. stuart: when are you going public? >> it will be a long time as we talked about, focus on the long-term fundamentals nonator what anyone says, google is a business it's growing for 15 years, amazon 20-plus. twitter's success will be defined over the long-term and as will joyous. stuart: i bought microsoft stock a long time ago.
9:49 am
>> i did not know that. stuart: a many i an idiot? >> it's a cash cow business what we say, but my point is simply, look, you know, everything seems new in tech, but everything that is knew is actually old. if you look at what's going on in mobile, my first company did mobile financial applications in 1997. right. just too early for the market. look at amazon, building a business for 20-plus years. look at linkedin, it's not a new business, it came out in 2001. it's a darling now, but the reality is, these are businesses built up a long time. i'm on the board of trip advisor. trip has been built over years and years to the scale it is today. and unlike what people think these are not overnight successes. stuart: same question, will you come back and see us again. >> sure, if you want to talk about joyous, always. stuart: we got it in. >> yes. thank you indeed for joining us, much obliged. take care. forget the politicians we don't want to talk about them. none of them are the true winners in the stalemate that
9:50 am
the shutdown of the government brought us. i'm going to tell you who was. who is the real winner next. ♪ ♪ here's to the losers ♪ bless them all ♪ here's to those who drink their dinners when that lady doesn't show♪ ♪
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>> it's the big story today. can't avoid it, we don't want it avoid it. the tech rally. all of them up. google, facebook, amazon. america obsessed with zombies. the walking dead, but alvarez says that zombies are good for the country, but he is here to make his case. talk about a buzz kill. a computer software executive on the obamacare website failure, is it going to crash? we will ask him. and would you invest in a pro athlete? that is buy shares in an athlete? aryan foster of the houston texans is selling stock in himself. who won the d.c. debacle? now, i am not talking about politicians or political parties, i think they all lost. no. who came out the winner in the
9:55 am
shutdown and debt mess? here is my take. wall street. yes, in my opinion, the stock market was the clear winner. it got everything on its wish list. forget about the erosion of confidence in america's financial status and forget about damage to the economy. that was mainly hype pushed by our leaders to back up their positions. do you think the big money was really concerned that 800,000 federal workers went on a paid vacati vacation please. wall street wanted the flood of free money to keep flowing and it's going to happen. can you see janet yellen chairing her first fed meeting next year and announcing she will turn off the money tap? oh, please. wall street wants the government to keep spending and it will. true, the sequester cuts will stay in place for now, but president obama has a strong hand to play in the upcoming budget debate and he wants to spend, spend, spend.
9:56 am
all those big companies in bed with the oval office, they will be happy to lap up your tax dollars. spending continues. and wall street wants the treasury to keep borrowing and it will. they've opened up the spigots again and we're on our way to 20 trillion worth of debt. so what? so as long as janet yellen keeps buying up the debt, and she will, so long as chinait, t interest rates will stay low and that makes stocks all the more attractive. add it up. print more, spend more, borrow more, equals the stock market rally we've already seen. wall street was the big winner from the d.c. mess. you are part of it. have you checked your 401(k)? now, i'm not going to bring up obamacare, that is a big loser for almost everyone. we are a financial program so we're going to stick with the winner, you, the stock market investor. get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. blows from a landmark's technology giant explodes. a pretty good friday, october 18th. do not ignore this, obamacare close to seizing up and you have to pay big to fix it. the medical device tax is killing my business says steve ferguson whose company makes thousands of medical products. he is here. bet on your body grants and to
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make the national soccer team. years later in 6 the team. two thousand five hundred and 1 gamble really pays off. full details coming off. prince charles at it again. remember when he says the end world is not? the is offering financial advice. and must be good to be king one day. what is dr. manny alvarez's problem with zombies. the account reality is here to explain himself. look at the dow jones industrial average. it does not tell the story of the day. it just turned positive, mildly sell but the real story for stocks is all about technology. will you look at that? that is google closing in on $1,000 per share. trumpets ready to sound the alarm, not the alarms, the good
10:02 am
news. if it hits 1,000 we will play the trumpet. 997 is pretty good, it is above $107. here is charles payne. kudos to charles because half of the companies which you have recommended in the last couple months hit a new highs this weekend most of them were ground floor technology companies no one had ever heard of. charles: whoever heard of mobile? stuart: you recommended it. charles: there are lots of them. we use this stuff every day, attached technology in these wonderful things on phones and tablets and yesterday we saw the old guard ibm get hammered and other old-guard stocks. don't want to say anything. chinese names have been phenomenal. stuart: that is one of your themes, technology is where america is that. charles: a whole lot of
10:03 am
theories. one thing is rewarded, super dueburg growth. stuart: all the stocks on the scene, netflix, facebook, all new highs. all new highs. pretty good stuff. charles: they shouldn't be afraid to buy a $300 stock, they can get a lot of shares. as long as your investment goes up and you buy a $300 stock ended goes to 600 uw money so that is one thing i want to point out because some might say google is too expensive or netflix is too expensive. nothing to do with it. stuart: i will stay in the markets and bring in monica crowley. enough politics. we are paula ticked up to the eyeballs but wall street is clearly the big winner. that is my premise. wall street was the winner from the debt and the budget mess. let's turn our attention to janet yellen. here she comes, the new fed chair. there is no way she will stop
10:04 am
printing money. >> she is the first democrat to be fed chairman since 1987. she won't stop the process. wall street love this. there are trillions of dollars printed, trillions of dollars pumped into the system since 2007 when the great recession began. where is this money going? there is no other place for it to go except the market. that is what wall street is happy. stuart: goes to the bond market so forces interest rates down. your rate of return on a bond is -- >> it is nil. getting a good payoff, after this goes on. stuart: 999. charles: i was telling the fed part of the market, it hasn't even begun. not reaching main street.
10:05 am
and they start buying stocks and set picks not in the markets, that will be fed money and it will happen around 16,000, what they called parabolic, going up like this, straight up. that is when you take profits. stuart: this is friday, 9:18 and you just said it. stuart: i would love to leave that on the screen. it crossed $1,000 ever so briefly moments ago. what are you going to say about google? nicole: i am so excited. this is so exciting, google shareholders, talking off-the-cuff. this is not an ipo that is not 84, $85. i got it right. it was one thing. and looking at it at 1,000.
10:06 am
and graves the money, and -- charles: we did some calculations here, and larry page, $8 billion. that is what he has got. if you have eighty-five million shares of google, multipliers that. it has made $8.5 billion. >> i thought apple shareholders cursing google. and every one touting apple. stuart: what about me? >> glad we brought it back. stuart: what am i doing?
10:07 am
charles: preserving wealth. anchoring of financial tv show. you may well ask. 1,003? any bid. going to break away for a second and move to an entirely different story, the obamacare exchange web site. i hate to be a downer on you but it is a complete disaster. is not just. y, this thing is a total failure. listen to what health-care expert betsy mccoy told us yesterday. >> is a fundamental design flaw. several of them, one of which is so of said, any woman who has ever gone shopping online would go to j.c. penney or the target or the gap and let me browse. this government website didn't like to browse and to you enter all your personal information upfront. stuart: there are reports of new problems, insurers getting the
10:08 am
wrong data, spouses being reported as children, missing information, defy this enrollment, bill curtis, software design company, is here on all about this. i got to have your judgment of the top. is this going to crash? seize up, is that going to happen? >> they will keep putting money into this until we get something that's sort of works. stuart: how long will it take? >> it is hard to know until you look in the system and see what is wrong. what will really happen is this will work in waves. they will get more problems fixed and you run into new problems that have to fix those. this will continue for a while. stuart: if i am going to get into obamacare i have got to be in by january. i have to be signed up, registered by january. if i am not i pay a fine. are we going to be in a
10:09 am
situation where you are finding few don't sign up but you can't sign up because the system doesn't work? >> in that case you will see a lot of lawsuits, class-action lawsuit against the government where people say it is not my fault, i tried, did everything you told me and the system didn't work. how can you hold me accountable? stuart: you want to talk about the money will take to fix this but i got to talk about the time. are we going to get this thing fixed by january 1st? what is your judgment? >> i think you have pieces of the fixed. i'm not sure you will have the entire thing fixed. stuart: you cannot get at least seven million people, that is what the cbo said is required to make this a viable, telling me you cannot get seven million people fully signed up, on the ball by january 1st? >> perhaps not. hard to know until we see what is inside the system but the fact is that the rate they are going, you're going to have a
10:10 am
hard time getting there and we don't know some of the problems they will run into. we are seeing some problems with data not being coordinated wall between the systems. that is the huge thing to fix and people won't be accurately and rolled until they get the data coordinated. how long it will take to do that, people get scared of the system. once it fails several times they don't want to come back. lot of people have to figure out how to do this, don't have enough resources to help extremely poor people figure out how to make the system work so a lot of problems not all with our technical. hard to get everyone enroll in time. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. are i am so short on time. google is trading at $1,006 per share. more on obamacare. the department of health and human services and $56 million on 135 different conferences in one year to help set up obamacare. total waste of -- not a total
10:11 am
waste. i think it is the arrogance of power. >> of course. we have seen this over and over. there was a lot of talk about the debt ceiling, people wondering how we get $17 trillion in debt. this is part of how we get there. if they spend $56 million on these conferences and have something to show for it, obamacare website that actually function and worked well, you could say maybe they needed these conference but to get socialized medicine up and going and working well. they couldn't even do that. they had 3.5 years to do these conferences, get these people on board and can't get website going. god knows what will happen when they're running health-care. that includes the irs. stuart: there is more. they spent $1 million on a conference at the washington d.c. -- the washington dc hilton. why did they have to do that? >> down the street from their main headquarters. i mentioned the irs which is the enforcement of bureaucracy for obamacare. the irs got in trouble for
10:12 am
spending tens of millions of dollars on these conferences. we have seen this over and over, the arrogance of power, abuse of taxpayer money, a rate of the taxpayer. before i got to tell you the glitch in the websites to me is a a secondary story. no one is taking the bait. 36,000 sign ups, like the movie when a major movie comes out and people have been waiting for it, that first weekend is what it is all about and it is done in the first weekend it has failed. i don't think a lot of people who tried in the first week or so are going to come back. >> let me make an important point. you played the clip from betsy mccoy saying you have to enter your information, that is the point. this is what the obama team on the political side have been doing to get e-mail lists, to get as much data about you as possible. remember what is critical to obamacare is getting young people, young and healthy types on board. young people even though they voted for obama in droves many have a libertarian in paul's
10:13 am
where they don't want the government, they are obsessed with the nsa spying, they hate it and think they have to go in and enter their personal data, they're not going to do it and the whole thing collapses. stuart: google, back to google, $1,005 a share, up 150 peer share. back to nicole petallides, tech wins and so do burritos, chipotle. going strong. nicole: new all-time high for chipotle. we have an unbelievable day on wall street, record highs for the s&p. google at $1,000 and chipotle up $52. imagine being that one can you see this and look to check your stocks. what we are seeing is very interesting. effective marketing, traffic games, same-store sales on the rise, they beat on the top line and missed on earnings per-share but nobody cares.
10:14 am
charles: $53 -- a special during the willis our a couple months ago, across the street at chipotle, a must've mask 100 people how often you come here, they go to 4 times a week and if you own the stock not one of the moment a stock. amazing people don't connect and you go there all the financing phrases and they love it. stuart: scared to death to buy a stock. charles: i know but one share, two shares, give them their money every day and tell friends and families it is amazing. one of the masters of the universe a year or so ago one of these time hedge fund guys, one of these big-time guys compared it to taco bell. i thought he was them at a time, stock was down because of his reputation, lost a lot of people lot of money. i hope the apologizes. stuart: if you want bias in the mainstream media look at the coverage of the government shutdown. "after the bell" we bring you prove. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
10:15 am
10:16 am
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10:17 am
watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. ido more with less with buss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
10:18 am
stuart: it is not a good morning to be a commuter in san francisco. bay area rapid transit workers on strike. higher wages at the center of their demands and another sticking point, work rules like using e-mail to write things out longhand. and getting paid electronically, the union doesn't want to modernize. don't say anything. charles is going to make us some money and now has the stock -- charles: obviously attacked stock. the recently met wall street and said the flying convention, software defined data centers, hybrid cloud is a mixture of personal and business clout and
10:19 am
end user computing. i like the fact that the service revenue is growing faster and margins expanding, the stock bought an upgrade, it is very volatile, execution hasn't been great but it created the opportunity to trade up and you get it north of $90. charles: twenty million people tuned into the top broadcast networks to watch coverage of the government shutdown between october 1st and october 15th. look at how it was covered. of the 124 stories about the shutdown, 41 blamed republicans or conservatives for the shutdown, blamed the democrats. tim graham from the media research center is here. 41-0. nobody in the broadcast networks said beans about the democrats or about the president. is he included in this? >> right. he is included in this. there are 17 that blamed both.
10:20 am
obviously the average viewer is going to blame both. this is what is wrong with news coverage. they are obsessed with blaming people. you know what they don't use when they do the stories the they don't use words like trillion, they don't use words like deficit. you have no actual budgetary context for what these people are talking about so basically what you had was republicans are shutting down the government, then what you had was lots of salt stories about how bureaucrats were not going to be able to have a christmas. but day 3 we have snow storms in washington that shutdown people for weekend people don't say i wonder how we will feed our family. stuart: they didn't focus on the financial aspect, how much money the president wants to borrow and spend. that wasn't part of it at all. it was just you shut the government down, you run republicans did it and you are terrible. i don't watch them, i can't
10:21 am
watch some but that was the attitude? >> the attitude is yes, that everything proceeds nicely under obama. even in the midst of this complete mess at network reporters would that the president say in a press conference that raising the debt ceiling doesn't raise the debt and still calling obamacare this is building go they used, the president's signature achievement. it is too premature for that or it is a laugh line but they use it with other seriousness. don: stuart: i got to be you, start to cut you short but it is a big day on the stock market and other respects as well. thanks very much indeed. a grandfather bets on his grandson in soccer, 50 years later it pays off. and i mean a big payoff. find out how this works next, and then prince charles calling
10:22 am
capitalism and fit for purpose. those stories after this. [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
10:23 am
10:24 am
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10:26 am
stuart: may i suggest you ignore this market check? the dow jones industrial average is not where the action is the action is on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen where google is up $112 per share. stocks like technology stocks taking off. that is the real story of the day. 16 years ago a grandfather in wales gets a brand new grandson. on daddy but the bucks that one day his new grandson will play for the welsh national soccer team. the odds? 2,500-1. he put down the money and he won. gary wilson played when they's world cup qualifying match. that is an investment, not just a gamble. back home nfl running back foster is going public, people will purchase a share of his future earnings. charles, i want to know how this
10:27 am
works. /that stock in this guy he gets the money? what do i get down the road? charles: 20%. this contract, 20% of endorsements, right now 700 grand, 20% in his broadcast career should you have one. stuart: would you buy it? charles: no. i have seen these things before. when professional athletes need a bunch of money by the need this much catch if you're getting paid millions already? paula become palm iraq produces or do this or that, you're not focused on your main career. certainly he has been injury plagued recently and that is worrisome and i am not sure what endorsement in his broadcast career will look like. if he played in new york it would be more intriguing but right now they have a terrible record this year. that was one of the teams the lost. >> i can't believe that the league allows this. charles: at one point it is him.
10:28 am
a have a symbiotic relationship and he is selling part of his salary. charles: i hate to bring in prince charles. stuart: we are going to do that. prince charles is concerned whether britain's pension system can handle its aging population. listen to what he said. >> with an aging population, tensions on liabilities that are stretching out for many decades, surely the current focus on quarterly capitalism is becoming increasingly absent the sense of purpose. >> i wish margaret thatcher were still here because i would love to see a debate between her and prince charles but prince charles is on the record many years being a leftist, he has been on the record talking about global warming, essentially wealth redistribution, so this is no shock where he says capitalism is an said for purchase. easy to say that when you're sitting on all that british
10:29 am
wealth. stuart: he got involved in politics and that is an absolute no no. though royal family -- charles: didn't he do that anyway? charles: his comments about architecture when he was a younger man put him in the headlines. then there was a global warming and now he is a financial adviser. charles: he made a good point. if you live to 65 in england you live to 84 people need to realize as they do financial planning and not enough people thinking of this. social security if you are relying on social security you are in bad shape but capitalism is the way to make the money up and charles: -- stuart: the golden spoon. not bad. the train wreck keeps on rolling along, talking obamacare. the head of a medical device company whose says the law is killing his business. what was it he said?
10:30 am
>> we have to pass the bill so the you can find out what is in at away from the fog of the controversy. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is lookingeyond.
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10:34 am
investment firms have raised their price target on google. >> they're trying to catch up. and raise our charges because it has surpassed so many, $13 hitting a new all-time high of 1,007 and change. the quarterly report was really good and we have seen the growth in mobile and overseas business and the total amount of paid clicks increased year over year so volume growth is good news. stuart: it has exponential growth in the future. let me give you some more numbers. the record high for google means a very big payday for its shareholders. $115. chair is that number. at that level, google board member just made 36 -- paul
10:35 am
otellini was the former chief at intel. and eric schmidt, $183 million. the chief business officer, look at this, larry page almost $10 billion. and often where the money is, look at the other tech stocks today, facebook, amazon, all of them going up. microsoft is not on that list. the obamacare medical device tax one of the most controversial provisions of the bill costing taxmakers, make health care more expensive for everybody. steve ferguson joins us now. when you get hit with the big new tax you pass it along to the consumer, the buyers of your
10:36 am
product. can't you do this with this so avoid hurting your company? >> hospital under tremendous pressure. to make clear, to be passed on. wage increase material increase, material increases which they are now one thing to pass on very clear. stuart: you make 16,000 what are called medical devices, medical employees. is it going to break you? when you laid people off because of this? >> what we have done, and a big -- and only two choices, employee, a hardy and capital.
10:37 am
and reduce capital we will build five new plants in the u.s. in the near future. we put those on hold. stuart: what do you think that might be abandoned? and the medical device tax. what do you think the chances are that you will get rid of it. >> we had tremendous bipartisan support, 79 senators who voted for the major number paula and bipartisan co-sponsors in the house, plenty of support for it. one thing to remember is these congressman go home to their districts and see the effect of it, they see the employees. donna tour recently of a new plant in canton, ill. we have a
10:38 am
thousand applications for jobs, increasing to 300 but a young lady stood up and said before i had this job i was on medicaid, living in subsidized housing, had a baby, couldn't get married because i would lose my benefits and now i have a job, and i am mary, i have health care, have of 401(k), retirement program, profit-sharing and the new house. that is what members of congress, the effects on individuals and these employees in a very high-tech industry, that is the envy of the world. we have a positive balance of payments, hundred thousand employees worldwide and families depend upon them and their suppliers. that is what members of congress here -- stuart: keep telling that story. c. ferguson of the cook group, appreciate you being with us, nice to hear your story. >> thank you very much.
10:39 am
stuart: can't believe we are going to cover this but we are. the zombie fascination. bad for your health? so says dr. manny alvarez. how can a tv show heard you? reportedly will explain. >> give me another second. do it. [woman]ask me... [announcer]...if you think the best bed for one of you might be a compromise for the other one... [woman]ask me about our tempur-pedic.
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stuart: maybe a new suitor for blackberry, the chinese pc manufacturer leno is considering a bid, and this could be one of the biggest chinese takeovers of the western company ever. both companies have declined to comment on the speculative report. there are reports that bank of america is considering a plan to prevent customers from overdrawing their checking account at atms while making an automatic bill payment. if the plan goes through committee would be the first major bank to prohibit overdrafts on checking accounts. maisie's getting a jump start on a holiday shopping season. the retailer leaked its 49 page black friday deals and yesterday more than a month before the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. macy's announced it will open its doors at 8:00 eastern thanksgiving local time it will be thanksgiving. what are we doing here? next. so now i can help make this a great block party.
10:42 am
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10:44 am
when you have the biggest program on television right now 16, eighteen million people watching with fascination the undead walking around the planet you basically are taking your brain and making liquid soap out of it. stuart: it is entertainment. >> is not entertainment. it is not. biggest problem we have is apathy towards violence. it used to be zombies or these kinds of things once in awhile you saw movie, people went to the theater but nowadays everything on television from breaking bad to the walking dead, everything is about taking the morality and deming yourself down to a point where you don't care about violence. stuart: that is a stretch. >> is not a stretch. with all the potential side effects from video games. no, no, no, no, no, $1 billion
10:45 am
on a game -- stuart: there is of lady present. >> i would like to jump in because criticized my all-time favorite show which is breaking at and let me make this argument, in breaking bad, it was about a crystal meth deal -- there were consequences to every one of his actions and those consequences were severe and swift. >> everybody that watched it would always look at those characters, i wish i was like him more like her. wasn't that everybody went home and said i don't like that person, everybody loved that person and the person they love was committing crime. >> he paid for in the end. >> they ran out of money, they ran out of people watching it, they ran out of revenues. you have to get back to the classics. bring some programming that has some morality to television.
10:46 am
people are so dumb, and two puzzle's read more so you don't age and atrophy your brain. you have 17-year-olds with the twittering and communication, don't talk to each other and set for an hour-and-a-half, and see the apathy towards violence and the destruction -- >> he sounds like a you kids, get off my lawn. >> do some real work. it is all about -- all about socialism. stuart: that was very generous of us. stuart: do you ever expect to come back on this program? >> i don't think so. stuart: you are welcome back. it wasn't good stuff. it was entertaining. thanks very much. campaign wishes and caviar
10:47 am
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lou: lou dobbs tonight, nothing good cash some of the shutdown and the republican party took the whipping. what should they do about it?
10:51 am
house majority leader tom delay joins me tonight at 7:00 eastern. be with us. stuart: a man with a golden reputation for recommending stocks and a great track record too. charles payne. he likes chesapeake energy. charles: this was a juggernaut with the real controversy, the founder, all of a sudden this thing is back again, as the, the juggernaut. four insiders bought stock, 82,000 shares, beat the street last week reported that wall street looking for 50% of is a next five years. charles: and natural gas is cheap by every traditional valuation metric out there. i was shocked, took a second look at this because a year ago let's get out. this stock is going to go back to the 30 third dollar level. stuart: chesapeake energy. charles: tech is the big scene and natural gas is a big theme
10:52 am
as well. stuart: i am not the only one who passionately believes in american exceptionalism. listen to robin leach. >> it is horrifying what this man has led america into. stuart: horrifying? >> deliberately because i don't think -- i don't think mainly americans are aware of what is going on in this country. stuart: robin leach famous for his a lifestyles of the rich and famous blues used strong language, he called president obama a socialist flat out. monica crowley is here. you agree with that? >> i use that word to describe president obama and the far left for a long time. is show lifestyles of the rich and fitness couldn't get made and a today because president obama and left have been so successful in class warfare driving wedges between people, demonizing success, demonizing the wealthy, that would seem gauche today.
10:53 am
president obama 2008 spoke about a fundamental transformation of the nation, what he meant by that, most americans don't understand, moving america away from a country built on individual liberty and economic freedom, the free market, capitalism for the government dependency and welfare state and unfortunately president obama has had enormous success in the last five years accomplishing that. stuart: i really object to the bridge to come to the united states and bring their socialism with them and criticize america because it is a capitalist society. upsets and annoys me. charles: the only thing worse are people who inherit all this money and frown upon capitalism. president obama and prince charles are in the search ideological wave length except president obama goes a step further because he is still trying to redress the wrongs of yesteryear, trying to make it up to people round by this country in the past and when we ec's of doing it is seeking from the rich and let's face it is not 1
10:54 am
for 1 if the and one million dollars from the rich they give the poor a few crumbs that that is the modus operandi. stuart: we are concentrating on the big tax stock rally, stock in particular will be google, still above $1,000 a share. you see that on the bottom of the screen. ignore the dow jones industrial average. the true rally today is in technology stocks. in a moment we get your take on who was the big winner in the government shutdown. we will be back. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations,
10:55 am
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10:56 am
>> last hour i give you my take on who came out the winner in the debt mess in washington. i said not politicians or political parties, it was wall street because i say wall street got everything on his wish list. that is what i said. here's what you had to say in response. there are no winners, not even in the short term. the stock market has gone up.
10:57 am
randy had this to say. wall street just loves bad news for america. if it had happened in china, it would be selling instead of dying. and sadly it was barack obama and the democrats, now we all get to suffer under obamacare while they spend more and more of what we don't have. i have to get back to google because that is the stock of the week, maybe the month because it is going straight up. all right, everybody. this is the content triumph of american technology. all of these stocks going up today are american technology companies whether it is facebook or google or somebody else, it is american technology. we lead the world in this, do we not? >> this is the new frontier. the successes you guys are talking about in the stock market in spite of barack obama
10:58 am
and the fundamental transformation of the nation. it shows you how strong americans trillions is, creativity, innovation. the animal spirit of capitalism even though we have this huge blanket over the economy with socialized medicine and everything else, still these companies are able to punch through. stuart: they just don't employ many people. charles: this is one reason, i talk to conservative groups and often say you are making a mistake if you sell barack obama's killing america tomorrow. it is not going to happen overnight because there are too many entrepreneurs, too many smart people who want to live here. they create amazing opportunities. the reason there is so much prosperity is because somebody in africa can get on google and learn things they couldn't do before. they can get on a cell phone
10:59 am
with more power in their hands than a computer a few years ago. we are making prosperity possible for the entire planet right now. stuart: would you by google at $1000 per share? charles: i probably would. stuart: i don't know if you would invest or not. >> you're asking the wrong girl. charles: i have a few other things i am looking at. speaker that is what i would want to hear. stuart: do you think i would be sitting here now if a few years ago when i was putting money into microsoft i had put it into google instead? charles: you would be sitting here, you would just be a foot taller. stuart: look what they did. charles: should have put up a 10-year chart. stuart: microsoft down, google straight up, and i am embarrassed. thank you for being here, everybody. connell: google, 85 was the ipo.
11:00 am
the focus today, we will talk about that as well, but the focus is on the obamacare exchanges, insurance companies say they are getting flawed data making it impossible to handle the people. deep divisions on capitol hill. what else is new? there might be something new. why they might be a chance for real tax reform, the stories coming up. getting paid double. government workers are getting twice the pay now that the shutdown is over. what investors are supposed to be doing right now. the bull and bear argument for getting in stocks right now. coming up this hour on "markets now." ♪ connell: here we go. dagen: i have been reading about that.


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